What you will be getting from my 
Small Business Marketing Academy

Small business marketing academy

Small Business Marketing Academy 


Specifically designed to help people who are self employed, wanting to grow their small business and have little or no experience in marketing, my program is broken down into modules and activities to teach you along the way - saving you time, money and wasted effort.

Marketing isn't easy and it can be complex. Many small businesses fail in their first two years due to lack of marketing knowledge. However I can teach you what you need to know to grow your business without spending a small fortune.

Myself and my network of specialists will provide training, support and knowledge to provide you with the skills that you need so you can get to where you want to be as quickly as possible - making your business profitable and generating a great income for you to enjoy!

WARNING: My academy is only for go getters - people who are serious about growing their business and who see the value in knowledge and learning.

A unique program to get your business to fly


Everyone's idea or existing business will be different, so once you have subscribed you will receive an online self assessment for you to complete.

This assessment will be a questionnaire that will take around 30 minutes to fill in, resulting in an overview of where you are now and provide an outline of where you want to be. 

This will be treat as strictly confidential and not be shared.

The assessment will provide you with a summary and starting point for the program. You will then take this and begin your journey of business growth using the tools that I offer to help you along the way.

This is the most valuable part of the academy, as it will give you clarity of where you are now, where you want to be and how you need to focus your efforts to get there.


Once you have completed your self assessment, you will receive your training as well as a free copy of the workbook if you haven't already got a copy.

You will then be given access to seven one hour pre recorded training modules that you can watch at any time. They will cover:
  1. Identifying your ideal buyers i.e. customers who will provide the most value in terms of spend to your business
  2. Getting the messaging and positioning of your business right so it will attract these buyers
  3. Which marketing materials you will need and how to get them in place and on a shoestring
  4. How to build a website that will help your business to soar
  5. How to use social media and use it to attract sales
  6. How to set up a Facebook Page and use it to attract business
  7. How to set up and use email marketing to get more from your customers and attract new business
These have been developed with the small business in mind and structured in an easy to understand format. These have been created with non marketers in mind and are 'How to guides' so you will be able to implement these straight into your business.


As a member you will receive an enormous amount of help for you to progress through your journey.
  • Regular e-bulletins filled with tips on how to access the most cost effective business tools for you to use
  • A support email direct to me to ask various questions
  • An invitation to a closed group on Facebook with members who are the same as yourself - small business owners - so that you can share experiences, ask opinions and build a network up of like minded individuals
  • Invitations to Academy Only member live webinars throughout your year covering various small business related topics with key questions and answers of the month. These will also be recorded so that if you can't make it - you can still access the sessions in your own time.


As I have my own full services marketing agency I am able to offer all of my members discounted marketing help - up to 50%! 
So if you require a graphic designer, website designer, PR help or any other type of marketing assistance that you need to buy in, you will benefit from a discounted rate as a member of my academy.
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