Marketing Workbook

The best investment you will make for your business! Learn as you work your way through my workbook - building up a marketing plan to help your business to fly.

The best £5 you can spend on your business. But don’t just take my word for it ....Find out what Jane Morland found of Margaret Rose Events...

"I'm really pleased with the marketing workbook. It has really give me food for thought in the early days of having my own business.

I comes without jargon, is clear and thought provoking. It's worth every penny of the £5 I have paid!

I would genuinely recommend this to anyone setting up any kind of business as it really makes you think and assess what you are doing, why you're doing it and where you want to get to.
Jane Morland, Margaret Rose Events

Get  your copy today!

marketing workbook

Marketing Workbook

To make it all easy for you - here is a marketing workbook that is written in plain and simple English, cutting through business bull and waffle -  no photos and images that will waste your ink cartridges when you print -  this no nonsense marketing consultant in a workbook contains step by step instructions for you to follow along the way. 

When you complete this workbook you will have a great grasp of marketing and an action plan at the ready to take your business forward!

So before you jump head first into social media, pay for a website to be developed and spending time and money shooting in the dark between various marketing activities - read and complete this work book.

This is the best investment any small business owner can make!

10% of all my sales also go to charity, so while you are learning to grow, you are also giving!
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