Help for self employed and small business

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This will be the best money you will ever invest as it will help you to get where you want to be quickly and without spending money that you don't need to spend. 

If you don't have a marketing or business background you will absolutely need a coach and mentor to guide you along the way to help you grow your business and stop you from making costly mistakes. However business coaches and marketing consultants come at an expensive hourly rate.

My solution allows you to have access to me and my knowledge regularly for an affordable fee, so that you get exactly what you need.

You will find out how to position your business, how to promote it, how to price it and what tools that you need in order to keep the sales coming in.

It's simple to join my academy, simply click on the buy now or the subscribe button below to take you to my Paypal payment screen.

The fee to join my academy is £199 for a 12 month subscription. For this you will receive:

  • Online assessment to identify what you need to do to get your business to fly
  • Seven pre-recorded training modules to get help you get up in running in your marketing quickly
  • A marketing helpline
  • Access to a closed community group of academy students 
  • Regular bulletins to keep you energised on your business journey
Once you have joined, you will receive a welcome email which will give you details of your membership and give you access to the online assessment to start your exciting journey!

10% of all sales goes to my charity giving scheme - Growth to Giving - so while you are experiencing growth, you will also be helping a good cause.

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