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  • by Alex Gates
  • 31 May, 2017

Email marketing is proven to be one of the best forms of lead generation .... but only when done well!

Email marketing is a cost effective method to reach out to your audiences. It's widely accepted that it is one of the best forms of marketing, particularly for the smaller business where budgets are tight. However many business just don't get it right - meaning it fails.

The infographic below gives you five top hints on email marketing to get the most from this great marketing tactic:

Freebie marketing stuff for business owners

by Alex Gates 02 Aug, 2017
Well, having been my very own Lady Boss for seven years now, I certainly know the pros and cons. But hand on my heart? The pros far out way the cons. Actually I can't think of a con!

Here are my top 5 reasons why I adore being a Lady Boss:

#1 Work life balance
My work life balance is what I want it to be. I'm in control of it. I'm not a slave to core hours, flexi sheets, lunch time slots and being told when I can and can't have a holiday!

Before I worked for myself I had a nightmare 70 mile round trip commute, I was out of my home for almost 12 hours each day and at the mercy of a main road that was prone to accidents and repairs, so sitting stuck in a 2 hour jam was a frequent occurrence.

I would be dropping my babies off at nursery at 7.30am and not getting home until 7pm most days and then there was all of the work I was expected to do at home on an evening or weekend to compete in the rat race. Yes we had flexi-time, but leaving the office at 4pm once in a blue moon was often met with gasps from team members that didn't have a home life. 

This is a very common story for women today.

Now? I work a 7 hour day four days per week and usually take off a Friday or work a shorter day - so I have some 'me' time.  Sure having your own business can take over your time...but only if you let it. You're always the one in control. 

The most important thing? My kids and I have so much more time together than ever before.

#2 Decision making and ideas
Sitting around a meeting table sharing your fantastic ideas to your manager, only for them to be ignored or taken and passed off as someone else's due to political game playing. Sound familiar? 

Well, when you become your own Lady Boss - you action your ideas. Whether they work out or not - the satisfaction of seeing your own concepts coming to fruition is so liberating and satisfying! 

#3 Lining your own pocket
The early days of owning your own business may be a bit tight until you get up and running and there may be times when things don't go to plan that can cause some heartache - such as bad debts from customers or ideas that don't work out or when sales aren't where they should be.

But you know what - all of these stressful times aren't mistakes or the end of the world! They are all lessons that you take on board and learn from to help you grow. And when you do - you're lining your own pocket - not someone else's!

You have the power in your hands to make the money you desire. If you are happy being a one man band generating an income that is enough to give you a comfortable life and freeing up your time for more holidays then that's great. Do it! Or you maybe wanting a business that will generate seven figures and provide employment for family and a future for your children. Whatever your goals, they are yours. The output is always the same though. The money earned through the business is ultimately for your benefit.

#4 Self development
The learning and self development that running your own business provides is amazing.

Working in a specific role as an employee for an organisation will never match up to the development you gain from being a Lady Boss.  

The learning curve is steep and its exciting. You will learn great customer service, innovative marketing, how to sell, to read and understand accounts and grow your networking skills and so much more - this self development will naturally grow your own confidence and impact on your overall views in life - which can have a huge positive impact on your personal life too.

#5 Joy
Wow. The joy it all brings. If it's your own business - then it's usually born out of your own dreams and passion, whether you're a personal trainer, a business coach, running a tea room, clothing retailer, photographer, graphic designer or anything else - you will more than likely be doing something that you love. Can you imagine that. Getting paid to do something that you thoroughly enjoy and the power being in your hands? 

My main love is to help others become more successful in their business, so seeing the results that this generates gives me so much joy that I can't even describe it -  and when you experience high levels of joy - this becomes infectious and more and more success naturally follows.

If you're a Lady Boss or thinking about taking the first few steps, join my free subscription . It's full of knowledge on growing your business, providing you with information and pointers in sales, marketing and business development.

by Alex Gates 21 Jun, 2017
Hey there bright spark! I adore people with creative flair, vision, the balls to go it alone, drive and ambition. But what I've found working with this type of amazing folk for the last 9 years ... planning has a tendency to go down the pan!

The most common factor I see in start ups and small businesses is lack of planning, measurement and control. Which ultimately leads to missed opportunities and slower growth or worse - no growth at all.

I always advise my clients to take a moment to step back. Step back and take a review. Easier said than done right?! Where do you start? There's so much to do? 

So what I can't do is magic more hours in the day ... nor can I force your hand.

But ... if you want to grow ... I have devised a less time consuming way to plan? Sound good?

Entrepreneurs  who write down what it is they need to do to get to where they want to be are the most successful - I'm sure we all agree with that. 

Just so you know, I'm not saying to spend 3 weeks on writing a detailed technical plan - balls to that!  By the time you will have started to deliver it, something will have changed... and unless you're some sort of academic who enjoys waffling on for hours on end and never following any of it through... well there really is no need. 

You're an entrepreneur, not a corporate robot - so all the sparkle, passion and drive you possess is fantastic that's why you do what you do - but it can lead you down the path of no structure, chaos and worst case - failure.

You need a way to capture your talents and thoughts and put it into a simple and straight forward working plan.

Time is of course an issue - and smaller businesses always struggle with this.  But by continuing on to be 100% firefighting - what you are doing is leaving your competitors to benefit from your missed opportunities due to your choice to not adopt a more strategic, planned and controlled way of working.

So, you have two choices as a business owner who wants to grow their business:

  1. You either make the commitment to grow and put the time aside to plan and deliver. 
  2. Or, you continue to firefight and miss opportunities and stay as you are. Or worse, fail.
If you are in the former category and serious about wanting to grow your business, I have three killer high level questions I use to form all of my client's marketing plans:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where do you want to be?
  3. How are you going to get there?
Answering these questions will create the foundations of a simple and straightforward marketing plan for your business and give you the direction you need. I hate to sound all theory based but, creating objectives, defining the tactics that you need to implement and then move onto deliver and measure them, will give you focus and lead to success.

I have even created a workbook for you to print off and work through, using this killer question principle to help you to define the exact marketing activities you need to do in order to get where you want to be!

Get your copy today  to start to plan, be better than your unorganised competitors and reap the rewards of catching those opportunities!

by Alex Gates 31 May, 2017
So on top of my academy and workbooks I've also decided to launch a freebie resource area on here specifically for business owners and individuals who are taking the plunge into self employment.

It's a space for people who have little or no experience in marketing to learn some of the tricks of the trade.

Hopefully you will find it really useful. I'll be posting all kinds of useful hints and tips on here. 

To make sure you don't miss out, be sure to subscribe to my list and you will receive updates direct to your inbox!

by Alex Gates 31 May, 2017
Email marketing is a cost effective method to reach out to your audiences. It's widely accepted that it is one of the best forms of marketing, particularly for the smaller business where budgets are tight. However many business just don't get it right - meaning it fails.

The infographic below gives you five top hints on email marketing to get the most from this great marketing tactic:
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